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Candi Cosgrove
Candi Cosgrove

With deep sorrow I have to announce that my mentor Cecilia "Cece" Koester Osbourne has passed

Cece was so much more than just a mentor to myself and others, she was someone who clearly held ability to engage someone like myself to reach deep within myself to reenergize my passion for teaching with a much fuller "tool box". It was my honor to sponsor Cece for nearly 10 years and introduce her to so many other colleages, teachers, therapists and parents. Cece was a teacher, mentor and dear friend who I will miss, yet comforting to know she is now in "Good Hands"... rest in peace my friend. Candi Cosgrove

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By using movement to expand the potential of children, Candi Cosgrove creates connections that are designed to expand students' unlimited potential by learning through movement.

Students are taught how to set action goals and discover the ease of visual and auditory integration for reading, writing, listening, memory and other daily life skills.

The goals relate to posture, movement, relaxation, motivation and thinking skills. The effects of cerebral, limbic and brain stem integration are identified and used in your children's learning process.

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What we offer at a glance

Bal-A-Vis-X — a series of Balance / Auditory / Vision eXercises of varied complexity and deeply rooted in rhythm — demands cooperation, promotes self-challenge and fosters peer teaching. These exercises are for everyone — even kindergartners.

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The award-winning Brain Gym system promotes whole brain learning and assists in completing neurological development. Brain Gym enhances your child's existing curricula with help in posture, movement, relaxation, motivation and thinking skills.

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Movement Based Learning helps children learn how to learn in a functional, practical way. Activities produce improvements in focus, comprehension, communication, organization and physical movement.

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Professionals who stay up to date on the latest techniques in their fields are the most beneficial to children. We offer tailored consult workshops of varying durations in Bal-A-Vis-X and Brain Gym in schools, daycares and more.

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We offer private consultations either at our office or at your location about all our services for schools, families and more. Our private consultations can help identify the style of learner your child is and how to best assist that learning style.

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In our Parent Education program, we offer a blending of kinesthetic exercises, which can assist parents as they continue their journey of warmth, attention and structure of raising their child. These education workshops offer an origin of the backgrounds with Bal-A-Vis-X and Brain Gym.

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Windham, N.H.

UpComing Classes

Bal-A-Vis-X Session A Training
(17 contact hrs.)

When: October 25-27, 2019
Time: Friday 4-8pm, Saturday 8am-5pm, Sunday 8am-2pm (Class size limited 16-18 due to space)

Location: MRC 535 West. St. Rockport, Maine

Fee: $299.00 a person or $279.00 for a group registration of 2 or more

For more information please download the Course Description and Registration form.

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