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Candi Cosgrove specializes in:
• Teacher In-services  • Professional Development 
• Parent Education  • Private Consultations

Candi also hosts programs and seminars throughout the year. Here are some of the programs.
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Bal-A-Vis-X is a series of Balance / Auditory / Vision eXercises of varied complexity, most of which are deeply rooted in rhythm. These exercises require full-body coordination and focused attention. The program utilizes beanbags, racquetballs, balance boards, and multiple principles and activities from Educational Kinesiology. It demands cooperation, promotes self-challenge and fosters peer teaching. It is school-friendly and just plain fun.


Private Consultations

privateconsultationPrivate consultations can help determine how to best assist your child's learning style. While private consultations typically take place at my business location, we can also consult within classrooms, etc. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you. If we determine that more, or something different, is needed, I will recommend another organization or service provider who could better accommodate your request.


Parent Education

parenteducationOffering an origin of the backgrounds with Bal-A-Vis-X and Brain Gym, our Parent Education program uses a blending of kinesthetic exercises to assist parents. In accordance with discovering three midlines, one begins to see the correlation with the three parts/dimensions of the brain and their relation to learning. A new way to notice our children and what might happen when new or old leaning is taking place.


Brain Gym Classes

braingymofferpageWith Brain Gym, we create connections that are designed to expand unlimited potential by learning through movement. Students are taught how to set action goals and discover the ease of visual and auditory integration for reading, writing, listening, memory and other daily life skills. The goals relate to posture, movement, relaxation, motivation and thinking skills. The effects of cerebral, limbic and brain stem integration are identified and used in your child’s learning process.


Movement Based Learning


With the varied needs of children in mind, Cecilia Koester, M.Ed, developed Movement Based Learning to address the foundational pieces of learning so that children can learn how to learn. She teaches/consults in a functional, practical way so that any information is directly applicable and useable.


Professional Development

professionaldevelopmentWe offer beneficial consult workshops in Bal-A-Vis-X and Brain Gym, as well as classroom consultations and follow-up coaching and mentoring. All workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of your establishment and attending populations. Common establishments benefitting from our workshops are schools, Title I conferences, Early Childhood daycare centers, yoga education facilities and more.


Candi Cosgrove M.Ed

Candi has been teaching for three decades in the education field.

Available for:
  • Bal-A-Vis-X
  • Movement Based Learning
  • Teacher In-services
  • Professional Development
  • Parent Education
  • Brain Gym 101 Workshop
  • Private Consultations


(603) 434-9115


Windham, N.H.

UpComing Classes

Bal-A-Vis-X Session A Training
(17 contact hrs.)

When: October 25-27, 2019
Time: Friday 4-8pm, Saturday 8am-5pm, Sunday 8am-2pm (Class size limited 16-18 due to space)

Location: MRC 535 West. St. Rockport, Maine

Fee: $299.00 a person or $279.00 for a group registration of 2 or more

For more information please download the Course Description and Registration form.

pdfCourse Info and Registration - PDF